The Most Comfortable Soccer Cleats

The Most Comfortable Soccer Cleats Available Today

Are you looking for some comfortable soccer cleats? Believe it or not, the most notable factor that any soccer player will tell you when he is choosing his cleats is its value in terms of comfort. This is not amazing or anything new, though. When you are playing you want to be sure your cleats are functional, but also the most comfortable soccer cleats for your feet.

The Most Comfortable Soccer Cleats

When you’re playing a 90-minute game that involves running and ball dribbling for about 90 percent of the time (even more if you’re playing as a midfielder) you will have to take into account the condition of your feet and how they could last as long as your physical endurance is concerned.

Because of that, comfort of a soccer cleat is factored in as the most important, even more so than the features that offer increased performance in agility and ball striking.

To comply with this need, here are some of the most comfortable soccer cleats available on the market today. They are judged based on their overall comfort and how easy it is to run with them without feeling any strain.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t only look at cleats in terms of their construction and design to find the most comfortable; looking into how it fits you is also a secret into finding the one with the comfort that you are looking for.

9. Puma evoPOWER series

PUMA Mens evoPOWER 2.2 Firm Ground Soccer Clear



Puma’s long-running entry to the soccer game has always been defined by its innovations with relation to overall performance, but its innovations for exceptional comfort should not be discarded as well. These come in at #9 in our review of the most comfortable soccer cleats available today.

Most of the builds in the evoPOWER series are made with soft synthetic uppers that provide extreme comfort while hugging your foot in a natural way.

8. Diadora Evoluzione seriesDiadora Mens Evoluzione K Pro Soccer Cleat



The next in our list of comfortable soccer cleats is the Diadora Evoluzione series. You better believe that a brand dedicated to soccer will fulfill a pair of soccer cleats that can provide incredible comfort right down to the seams. This classically inspired boot series ups its comfort game by using extremely supple K-leather that molds with your foot in total ease.

7. Under Armour UA Hydrastrike Pro II

Under Amour Men's Hydrastrike Pro II FG Soccer Cleat



Although there have been numerous additions to the underrated Hydrastrike lineup, the Hydrastrike Pro II takes the cake in terms of its extreme comfort that is as natural as they come.

Coming with a patented Corespeed soleplate, these pair of cleats will conform to your foot from a planted position in any direction.

6. Adidas ACE 16+

Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control Firm Ground Cleats



The latest star of Adidas built-for-control ACE lineup, the ACE 16+ is an exceptional beast that will provide you with incredible footing and an almost barefoot-level natural comfort.

Most of these benefits come from the Primeknit construction which allows for instant foot molding once you wear it for instantaneous comfort.

5. Mizuno Morelia Neo II

Mizuno Men's Morelli II Soccer Cleats



A vast improvement over the incredibly handcrafted Morelia Neo, the Morelia Neo II is another prime offering from the Japan-based company well-known in most boot enthusiast circles because of their incredible craftsmanship.

The Morelia Neo II sports a design that is meant to mimic a superior barefoot feeling and an upper so flexible you will hardly believe that it’s there.

4. Nike Premier

Nike Men's The Nike Premier Soccer Cleats



Less glamorous flash, more undeniable function. This is what Nike had in mind when it designed the Premier, a pair of cleats meant to rival Adidas’ own soccer legend, the Copa Mundial.

So far, it has matched it in some levels, which is a feat upon itself, most notably its preference for the most extreme of comfort.

3. Nike Mercurial series

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX Soccer Cleats



The famous battle between Nike and Adidas raged on when they introduced the Mercurial series that rivals Adidas’ ACE lineup. In terms of unparalleled control and agility, it is at the top and unparalleled by any other lineup.

The story is basically the same with its foot-conforming technology that allows for incredible fit within the cleat itself.

2. Nike Tiempo series

Nike Men's Tiempo Legend VI FG Soccer Cleat



Another well-endowed lineup from the esteemed sports manufacturer, the Tiempo series is made with comfort frames that define comfort at its finest.

The impeccable fitting is enough to secure its position in leading comfort and with a make that’s build with premium kangaroo leather, no one would disagree.

1. Adidas Copa Mundial

Adida Performance Men's Cope Mundial Soccer Cleat



As far as legends go, nothing could ever come close to the comfort that is offered by the soccer myth itself, the Copa Mundial. Sporting a design that’s mostly unchanged ever since its conception more than three decades ago.

The Copa Mundial works its comfort through patience; break it in slowly, and in a couple of weeks, you will have yourself a pair of cleats that offer comfort unlike no other because of how it based itself on the shape of your foot. Truly, the Copa Mundial remains unbeaten in that regard.

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