Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

People with wider feet generally tend to have more problems in finding proper shoe fittings because of the design of some shoes, the most common of these problems usually found in soccer cleats.

This can end up discouraging some soccer players from playing as best as they possibly can because of the lack of proper fitting.

Fortunately, there are cleats out there on the market which offer great sizing for people with wider feet, given that these cleats are made with a more traditional shoe design over soccer cleats’ natural penchant for slimmer, narrower ones.

No longer will you have to settle for choosing a much bigger-sized pair of cleats that have excess room for your toes just to fit your foot’s width. Here are some of the best possible recommended cleat choices for people with wider feet, and some of their features:

New Balance Furon 2.0

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This latest offering from renowned manufacturer, New Balance, eschews traditional builds and makes a separate sizing for people with wider feet. With the 2E width size, you’d be hard-pressed not to find one that will finally comfort your feet as snug as possible.

New Balance’s own custom FantomFit technology is also used in addition to the wide fitting scheme, making it a perfect choice for people with above average comfort needs in terms of fitting.

The REVlite technology found in the cushioning also keeps your feet as comfortable as can be when running, which tends to be harder if the shoe is not a perfect fit.

Nike HypervenomPhinish II

A great choice if you’re a fan of the Nike brand in general, the HypervenomPhinish II is as roomy and well-adjusted as an innovative soccer cleat can be.

With its built-in NikeSkin technology, that is present in almost every shoe Nike builds, you’re sure to find your perfect fit while using these cleats.

The dynamic fit is also supported by the tongue-less upper and integrated Flywire cables, allowing for more space that you can adjust accordingly and on the go.

The sockliner is also molded to fit your foot’s natural frame as organic as it possibly can and comes with a built-in heel cup for proper adjustments.

Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Mx SG

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This supreme power boot from the esteemed shoe manufacturer, Puma, uses a distinct uni-directional stretching synthetic called Adap-lite.

It allows it to stretch in the forefoot area, mimicking a bare foot’s kicking motion, while bending it as naturally as possible. It ensures optimum power while being flexible enough to handle wider feet.

With its added G.S.F. technology, the evoPOWER 1.3 Mx SG basically has a spine for your foot, stabilizing it from heel to forefoot while cradling it to a comfort that you will find to your liking.

Also includes Puma’s DuoFlex technology for maximum flexibility each and every time.

Adidas ACE 16+

The best and most intricate pair of cleats from Adidas’ ACE lineup, the ACE 16+ is a dream-come-true for soccer players with wider feet.

These require no break-in time to use effectively, as Adidas’ very own Primeknit upper technology ensures that it molds perfectly to your feet once you wear it.

It’s made for a natural fit and feel each and every time, with a zero need for time to break it in to be effective in your soccer plays. The Purecut design also allows for a lace-less sock forefoot with absolutely no edges that could hinder performance and comfort.

Adidas Copa Mundial

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For more than two decades, no other soccer cleats on the market have surpassed the reputation offered by the Adidas legend itself, the Copa Mundial.

True, they may require some breaking in due to the fact that they’re pure leather, with the lining being the only thing that is synthetic, but the results are unmatched in terms of high-quality fit that ensures high-performance on all fronts.

Once you have broken them in and made your feet at home with these, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another pair that will fit and cradle your feet the same way, regardless of the fit.

The rich leather upper is easily an innovation in itself due to the fact that it set the standard for how comfortable a pair of soccer cleats can be.

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