Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit Soccer Cleat Review

When you play soccer, you need to consider the cleats that you should wear. There are a lot of brands that competes for the top spot of having the best cleats nowadays. Adidas is just one of those brands that has been releasing series of cleats with good quality. The newest addition to the Adidas cleats family has recently been released in the market — the Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit.

It has been 30 years since the Copa Mundial cleats has been updated. Back in the primary years of Copa Mundial, it became one of the most iconic cleats in the world’s game. The latest soccer cleats introduce a new meaning to the classic meets modern theme of the Adidas. Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit is not made into reality just to essentially update or get better from its predecessor. It exists to modernize the Copa Mundial cleats family of Adidas with the use of the materials and innovative technologies.

Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit

Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit

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  • With Adidas Copa 17.1’s rear, it is colored in white with the initial paint job. In addition, it is made of a leather-like synthetic which can offer more durability and as well as stability in those key areas.
  • It includes an Ortholite sock liner and as well as a fold-over compression tongue.
  • Includes responsive Sprintframe sole plate that stands alongside its elite Purecontrol, Puragility and as well as Purechaos counterparts. This will make the Adidas cleats more appealing to the professional players compared to other family cleats of Adidas.
  • This is constructed with a plush Kangaroo leather. It appears in the upper part across the vital touch and strike vamps.
  • The stability is maintained at the heel of the cleats through a synthetic alternative.
  • The highlight feature of Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit is the heightened tongue of the cleats. It is visible up to the front of the ankle in recognition of its counterpart, the Copa Mundial.


If you compare the Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit to its other predecessors, this cleats indeed follows classic meets modern theme. This new cleats from Adidas has taken the traditional icon of the Copa Mundial cleat by introducing modern innovations to make today’s soccer game perfect. The thing about the Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit is it has a very fantastic fit. It provides comfortable compression fit. It’s leather which is made of kangaroo is very comfortable and as well as soft. Though the leather is soft, it has a thicker leather feel. These makes controlling the kick of the ball comfortable and easier.

Aside from that, the outsole of the cleat provides a lot of traction on whatever surface you are in, which is considerably the best. When we talk about the durability of these pair of cleats, it is very capable of preventing its user from any possible foot injury. It has a protective barrier that will protect the player and the ball. This makes it striking the ball easier and as well as enjoyable.

Players tend to have trouble putting the ball from where they exactly want it to be. However, with the Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit, players will not experience that issue. Other than that, it is equipped with conical studs that are very perfect for turning in tight spaces. Most of all, the cleats offer excellent traction on natural grass and as well as turf.


The Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit has very few drawbacks. Other users of the cleat feel that these cleats are nothing like normal copas, though it gives a very nice fit to the players. Other than that, some may receive a few hot spots because of the studs, but it really does not bother the soccer play at all.


Some may say the cleats player uses does not matter in wining the game. However, the right pair of cleats can actually somehow change a game. With Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit, this innovative version of cleat helps the player play a game comfortably. This is not only all about the looks but it can really boost the player by performing well in a soccer game. This pair of cleats has received a lot of positive review from users. It is best for defensive to midfield players for it offers great protection when tackling and as well as passing the ball.

In general, the new pair of cleats are good looking ones and had soft leather which makes striking the ball comfortable, easy and as well as natural. With its modern and light feels, Adidas Copa 17.1 Red Limit is a pair that a player that loves innovative fit will surely love.

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