7 Tips For Picking The Best Soccer Cleats

7 Tips for Picking the Best Soccer Cleats

7 Tips For Picking The Best Soccer Cleats

When it comes to soccer, ball is just one of its  important equipment. For every soccer player, having the right pair of soccer cleats is the most essential for their feet do most of the work. Using these cleats, soccer players are protected from any possible foot injury if you ever get stepped on or kicked. There are actually a lot of available options of soccer cleats to pick from in the market. But how do you really pick the right soccer cleats suited for you?


Here are 7 tips for picking the best soccer cleats:

#1 Know your Playing Style

The first tip in our 7 tips for picking the best soccer cleats is to know your playing style. Before anything else, you need to know and find out first what your playing style is. When you are in the field, players tend to have different approach and as well as style. This is why you need to consider your playing style, for you to choose the suitable boot in accordance to your personal style. If you like to play a certain position, make that one of your considerations. Most players do not have the same position, some likes to stick into one place, other tends to offer a more flexible range. For the five (5) players in the soccer field:

  • Forwards – the cleat should have a clean strike zone; it should also have minimal weight for possible explosive movements.
  • Midfielders – the cleat needs to have control and lets the player use the ability to run around the pitch for more than an hour comfortably.
  • Wingers – consider having a cleat that is lightweight; one that gives the ability to change direction and as well as accelerate rapidly.
  • Defensive Players – the cleats should have more protective aspect; as well as something that will allow a clear pass on the ball.
  • Goalkeepers – player should have cleats that has a great traction; ability to move quickly.

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#2 Choose Cleats According to Your Pitches

If you have known your position in the game, you should choose the right cleats for your position. You should consider the ground that you might be positioned. You can be in the following ground:

  • Soft Ground – your cleats should only be worn in a surface soft enough for the studs of your cleats in order to penetrate the surface.
  • Firm Ground – cleats for this ground is best for surfaces with natural grass where it does not hit by rain regularly. More companies are adjusting their designs in accordance to different grass, even the artificial ones.

#3 Consider Cleat’s Weight

Other options that soccer players tend to consider is the weight of the cleats, they think having a light weight cleats is much better. However, not all these kind of cleats have good durability due to limited resources used for it to have a lighter weight. So, you need to consider the materials being used as well. Do not just go for cleats which are light without considering its durability .

#4 Plan Your Budget

It is best to plan with a budget. You may want the best soccer cleats without having to spend more money. You just need to set your budget ahead of time, before you go choose your cleats. Not all soccer cleats are right for you, you just need to look for the quality of the cleats while weighing its price as well. Most of the expensive soccer cleats have best quality but, of course, there are also mid range quality which is just right for you.

#5 Take Note of Your Foot Shape

As a soccer player, you should be aware of your foot’s shape. There are right soccer cleats for a specific shape of foot, you should put this into consideration. Make sure the cleats is just right your size, not too big nor too small. Do not wear a pair of cleats just because you look good wearing it, but wear it because it is comfortable and you can move freely while wearing it.

#6 Choose the Right Material

Most do not consider this, but you also need to know the right material that best suits you. Knowing the material will make you feel comfortable. Not all have the same preference for the material used in their upper cleats, so take note of this. There are different kinds of leather, make sure to consider them.

#7 Decide on Your Lace Placement

Here is our final tip in our 7 tips for picking the best soccer cleats. The modern soccer cleats nowadays have their own position of laced. Not all are comfortable depending on your preference. Most are in center position, but there are other cleats that have side position. Know this first before you choose your cleats.

Final Say

Most of the time, you will hear “It is not about the boots, it is about the player”. But little did most know, having the right footwear while playing a soccer game is vital. Having the right cleats makes a great difference when you play. It is very significant to select a pair of cleats the right ones for you, not the cleats that your favorite player wears without having considering things. The right and best cleats will help your game. We hope these 7 tips for picking the best soccer cleats provides some useful advice when you choose the right soccer cleats.

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